KARMA ZERO – MONSTERS (Independent/Dooweet Agency)

Review by Stefan: Nantes-France based Karma Zero began its quest back in 2008 inspired by horror movies/comics from the 50s and the likes of Eerie Comics and Tales Of The Crypt. Only a few months after the founding of the band they go on the road to offer their music to a live audience and established a solid reputation  especially in the western half of their home country. Karma Zero’s debut effort “Architecture Of a Lie” came on in 2013, it was an album which has not missed its effect. Followed to the effort, the band toured a lot and shared the stage with greats like Sepultura, Madball among others. They even were added to the bill of Hellfest (Metalcorner), Motocultor and Wacken Open Air.

Now the French youngsters are back with a brand new, conceptual album about monsters/creatures renowned from legendary movies like The Mummy, Dracula, Bride Of Frankenstein, Wolf Man… An excerpt from the info sheet: “Each piece makes a parallel between a monster of this mythology and our present society, since the horror films and the monsters are not metaphors that refer to our society?  

The style of Karma Zero is extreme and definable as Metal/Thrash/Deathcore with vocals going all the way including hellish screamo’s, death grunts and stuff… not accessible to people with a weak heart really. The adamant riffs to follow a groovy trend, annoying for my own is that there is hardly a decent solo addressed. Metalcore guarantees extreme violence and the service of  scorching guitar leads is not the fact that really matters actually. A style of music that stirs you up and puts you in the position to release all your inner anger. It’s hard and extreme to the core and the guys seem extremely cautious to put down a good result as they deliver with “Monsters”.

Eleven compositions to complete the tracklist and the production is real good. Julien Harp (Deep In Hate) features on ‘Swamp Things’, Emilie Nox from Gravity helped Karma Zero band out during the song ‘Horror Film’. Well done song structures and the determination of the band allow me to mention that their potential character reveals a noticeable element, the future for Karma Zero looks bright and hopefully they can ink a decent record deal soon.

Although Metalcore is not my favorite genre at all but I know, these guys’ actions to fit this gem completely, even with bravura. Fans of Lamb Of God, Still Remains, later Sepultura, Slipknot, Heaven Shall Burn,… better watch out for Karma Zero’s newest “Monsters”, able to let your amp/qpeakers/ roar like thunder ! Go find them out at: https://www.facebook.com/KarmaZero/  /  https://karmazero.bandcamp.com/

My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)