KAT – WITHOUT LOOKING BACK (Pure Steel Records / Soul Food)

Review by Officer Nice: For a slice of a moment I thought this was a record from The Great Kat, which was a terrible band in the Eighties. I never understood what people liked about that band, it was a true disaster and maybe the worst band I’ve heard in that era. But we can not discuss colors and tastes but in this case it’s even unnecessary because this is Kat from Poland. Poland, although it is a very traditional country, it never was big in the Metal scène.

Kat (in Polish it means Executioner) isn’t at all a new band and people who know their Metal history should know this band exists since the Eighties, from times before the Red Curtain did fall. I can imagine the youngsters amongst us don’t even know what this curtain was all about… Anyway, nowadays we can’t imagine that Europe was separated in two parts, as we can’t visualize it will be divided again in the future. Why? Well, just believe me it will…

I never followed the band but I knew about their existence and listening to this one learns this formation has good musicians in its ranks. Especially the guitar parts are very enjoyable and I hear lots of fast fingered, often spectacular intense leads and hooks. The riffing is good, I hear a lots of breaks and a band that sounds mature and experienced. The song writing is good and every song has its own character, which makes this one a varied albums. This is traditional Heavy Metal that is influenced by the old traditional ingredients of Metal, sometimes by some Thrash.  It’s a bit Accept in a blender with Megadeth and that works, again because of the awesome played guitars and because of the very good song writing. Obek Weigel has a bit of a raw voice and his timbre fits the total album.

Kat gives you more than an hour of good Heavy Metal and this is a very enjoyable CD to listen to. Great bass lines, powerful drums, outstanding guitars and vocals that will not bore the listener at all. At some points some Seventies tunes are weaved into the songs, that sounds awesome as well. Along with those intense played guitars I really love it. “Without Looking Back”  is for sure worth checking out. I’ve read very positive reviews about some previous albums as well, which makes me more interesting about this band. Additional info at: http://kat-band.com  Order here: https://www.puresteel-shop.com/KAT-Without-Looking-Back_1

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)