Review by Officer Nice: First thing that crossed my mind when I saw the band picture of this band was Guns’n Roses. I missed their concert in Belgium this year but I heard it was fantastic. Well, I have never been their biggest fan and honestly I don’t think I can name three songs from their repertoire, besides their famous hits. Don’t ask me why, I was never really into this band but I can totally understand other people are. It is a good band after all, a formation with great songs and good musicians, no doubts about it. They are Rock stars, and for a part they have written history. It must be something missing in my brains I guess.

Nevertheless I wasn’t that far when I judged this band at first sight because Kickin Valentina really is something fans of Guns ‘n Roses will get wild about. Musical wise these lads are getting very close to the original Guns ‘n Roses. And no, this isn’t a cheap clone, these guys are really good. Okay, some other Glam Metal bands may be added into this musical blender too but overall G ‘n R is be the main source of inspiration.

Kickin Valentina plays with the same flair and the pleasure of their musical performances drips out of my speakers. The song structures, the mood, the way the leads are played and at some points even the vocals sound similar. But overall this band is too good to be just mentioned as some kind of copy, the song writing is amazingly strong and these musicians know how to play the goods. It’s rather difficult to name the best track on this one and several songs are ready to became a number one in the charts…if we would be 1990. But we’re 2017 and the success will be much less, nevertheless this is a band we will hear about in the future. A song like “Crazy” could have reached tops in the charts some decades ago, certainly in the USA. Nowadays only you, Rock and Metal fans will appreciate it. But we will see this band appear on one or another big festival, trust me. “Imaginary creatures” is full of good tracks and will give you pleasure from the first until the last note, it’s a must have for fans of Glam Metal and traditional Hard Rock.

Kickin Valentina is just a great band to listen to and fans of Guns ‘n Roses, Tesla, Poison and other bands in that specific style will get wild about them. This is first class music in its style and I really enjoyed this one. Along with a shining sun it is the ideal way to start the day. Bring it on! Check:

My rating: 88/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)