KILL FOR METAL VOL. 1 DVD (Killer Metal Records)

A compilation of music videos of bands related to the Killer Metal Records artist roster. Varied to the bone, be ready watching made of shiny steel video’s where traditional – heavy – power and thrash metal meet each other as one big family ! The quality is outstanding, a pleasure to look at during a playing time of 72 minutes. The DVD has been launched April 28th. 2018. Watch the video list as follows…

CATEGORY VI (CDN): Silence Befall The Crowd. Song from the self-financed debut album “Fireborn“. Female fronted Category VI release their second album in May called “War is Hell“ (KMR-CD035) on Killer Metal Records.

MEGA COLOSSUS (USA): You Died. The new album “Hyperglaive“ will be released simultaneously. The brilliant done video for ‘You Died’ is a feast for the eyes. On Killer Metal Records already were released.…and the rift of the pandimensional under-gods“ (KMR-CD004 – 2010) and “Drunk On Blood”, ”…And The Sepulchor Of The Mirror Warlocks” (KMR-CD026 – 2015). The band from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA renamed from Colossus to Mega Colossus before the release of “Hyperglaive“ to stop the mixing up with other bands bearing the same name.

DRAGON’S KISS (PORTUGAL/USA): Wild Pack Of Dogs/Barbarians Of The Wasteland. A new project of Hugo Conim (Dawnrider, Sons Of Misfortune, Leather Synn,…) along with  Adam Neal (Hookers, Brothers Of Conquest, Blade Of The Ripper, etc.) and a few more guest musicians as Rafael Maia (V12), Pedro Pita and Paulo Vieira. Singer Adam Neal became a talking point as guitarist of Savage Master! These two songs were taken from the band’s debut effort “Barbarians Of The Wasteland“ (KMR-CD025). /

DRAGONSCLAW (AUS): Fear. Amazing, high pitched front man Giles Lavery also called attention as live singer for the mighty Warlord fame. This song is from their killer, second album “Judgement Day“. (KMR-CD018). Third album “Moving Target“ is awaited !

EDGE OF THORNS (GERMANY): ‘Metal Unity’ is a hymn from the third album “Insomnia” (KMR-CD023). The animated cartoon makes you chuckle. Ralf Scheepers (Gamma Ray, Primal Fear) can be heard as guest singer. Heavy Metal for maniacs pure !

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT (USA): Light This City. A song from the third album “Frostburn“ (KMR-CD028).

MAXXXWELL CARLISLE (USA): Full Metal Thinder/Power Angel. Mr. Carlisle is among others the shred guitarist for US metal act Hellion (together with ex-AC/DC-drummer Simon Wright) and Deathriders. Two songs from the -again- third album “Visions of Speed and Thunder”(KMR-CD027).

SHALLOW GROUND (USA): Black Rose/Darkness. The 1994 founded veterans are here to spoil us with two songs from their debut album “The End of Everything“ (KMR-CD016 – 2013) As well released: “Embrace the Fury“ (KMR-CD030 – 2015).

THE ORDER OF CHAOS (CDN): Apocalypse Moon/China Tour Recap. Impress with their fantastic production, the video shows the band with whirlwind Amanda Kiernan at their best! ‘Apocalypse Moon’ originates from the same-named third album (KMR-CD031). Also available from  Killer Metal Records: “Burn These Dreams“ (KMR-CD008) and the 7“ “Sexwitch“ (KMR-CD004). As a bonus there is the tour diary of The Order Of Chaos on their China-trip showing the band in front of an immense audience. /