KINGCROWN – A PERFECT WORLD (Rock Of Angels Records / Gordeon)

Review by Stefan: France based Heavy/Power Metal institution KINGCROWN was founded in 2015, albeit under a different name: Öblivïon. A first achievement was the 11-track loaded album “Resilience”, released in February 2018 by Rock Of Angels Records. Internally it was decided to change the name and I can imagine why. If you’re going to find out the list of bands under the name Oblivion you’ll understand why. Eventually the band opted for Kingcrown, a five-headed formation that put their first album “A Perfect World” on the map on November 1, 2019.

Get ready for a solid dose of unadulterated melodic metal performance that will especially encourage fans of the modern genre. On top of that, the band has managed to mix all this with a welcome portion of neo-classical and progressive Metal vibes in a professional way. Stand sharp for 11 songs that were masterfully mixed and mastered by none other than Roland Grapow (Helloween, Masterplan, Serious Black) in the Grapow Studios in Slovakia.

Everyone present in Kingcrown seems to me highly educated as far as their musical skills are concerned. I notice a very good singer who sometimes reminds me of Mike Vescera (Obsession, Loudness, Malmsteen a.o.) or Vic Hix (Shok Paris, Aftershok). Kingcrown’s Jo Amore (ex-Nightmare, Now Or Never) has a nice sounding timbre that fits in perfectly with the genre that the band offers, Melodic Metal. The two present guitarists Stef Rabilloud (ex-Nightmare, Urgent) and Florian Lagoutte (ex-Despairhate, ex-Fenrir, ex-Forsaken World) do not leave me in the cold, their actions throughout the entire album speak volumes in terms of a unique interplay and very well worked out riffs and solos. Fans of shred guitar actions, be wary ! Then we also offered Markus Fortunato (Fortunato, Archange), who creates a solid wall of deafening bass sound, handling his six-string machine gun in a masterly way. The person who is mercilessly handling the drums is Jo’s brother David Amore (ex-Nightmare) and also for him I express my sincere appreciation with great pleasure.

I have listened to the album several times, but to be honest, I have to admit that there are absolutely no individual musical shortcomings. Kingcrown treats me to a top performance and I am convinced that with this new album “ A Perfect World” they are going to reach a high level in the genre of melodic metal music. Songs I really praise are the fast paced ‘Qumran Caves’ and the Dio related highlight ‘In The Sky Of Athens’, both great classic metal hymns ‘The Human Tide’ and ‘The Flame Of My Soul’, those into progressive power metal can give free rein to his pleasure with the track ‘Golden Knights’. The album has basically an couple resting points with two versions made for the song ‘Over The Moon’ which is as first offered as a sentimental melodic rock ballad, you get the same song a second time (as bonus track), but in an acoustic version to close the album with.

There is something for everyone what “A Perfect World” may be called a successful album. Although I’m not the most committed fan of contemporary, modern Metal situations, I have to admit that Kingcrown has been able to charm me with their precision related skills and well figured out compositions. Pleasant song writings, optimal good production and a whole lot of melodious shred type actions make me pleased after listening to this genius masterpiece ! Check ‘em out at:  Order your own copy at:

My rating: 86/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)