KINLIN – THE LAST STAND (Sonic Night Music)

Review by Stefan: Thank God Christmas Eve belongs to the past (for this year at least), so now pretty early on X-Mas day I prefer to wrote down my thoughts regarding to South Florida based Kinlin’s third effort called “The Last Stand”. Kinlin is an American Hard Rock quartet formed back in 2002, these days the band is featuring former W.AS.P./Ygnwie Malmsteen/Stormwind/G3/… drummer Patrick Johansson ! Through their year of existence, Kinlin shared the stage with world known acts such as Queensryche, Buckberry, Godsmack, Testament, Mudvayne, Stone Temple Pilots and many more.

Thanks to Dirk Van Tilborg (CEO of Sonic Night Music) I got the chance to meet these guys’ way of music, as I was totally unfamiliar with them before. Well, this third and new output “The Last Stand” belongs to the category of pure US hardrock I’d like to announce as a real good mixture of pretty modern/contemporary and old school influenced top act. While listening to this new album I am surprised by the many variations this effort brings to the table. First on the band has a real good, strong vocalist within their ranks. I don’t think you can be find a better individual who can complete the role as a singer in this genre of music, purebred American hardrock ! Dewayne Hart is able to combinate his wonderful throat with to the core type of heavy guitar duties as well. The man in charge to please me with tons of hot boiling leads is Tom Lynch. I’m not sure of he’s the same person I know as the singer/songwriter in a Houston, Texas based rock band Hurricane. Someone who can tell me the only real truth, give me the heads up please. Fact is that he is professionally trained as Tom proves on the new Kinlin album “The Last Stand”! Finally we have Chris Eversoul, I don’t have a clue about his musical background but if there’s one thing I know for sure is that his bass actions being able to push your socks down, technical and full forced !

Cruising down the whole nine yards of “The Last Standing” it’s a real pleasure to hear there are a great band delivering hardrock as a lump of granite able to spoil both young and old type music lovers. These guys play from the heart, and with a whole lot of passion… you will hear that right on when you have ordered the album yourself. If you like it hard and rough, you have to place an order on the double – when you’re on the hunt for a top notch singer, same way out without hesitating, on top of all you’ll hear an excellent drumming and shred guitar actions you won’t soon forget. The full musical package gets a high rating from me, all because of the wonderful song writing and extremely successful performance !

There are eleven songs plus a bonus in the queue to spoil your eardrums, the production is real good so be ready to enjoy at full force ! First one ‘Wake Up’ comes straight up with a lot of power and good insight regarding the good song structure. Heavy riffage, outstanding/strong vocals and a nice solo’s I’d like to bow down for. The title track starts with a nice melodic riff and the pace reach a mid-tempo level, as strong and powerful as the opener… really like this way American hardrock music ! Nothing’s wrong with the service of a good oiled ballad in my opinion, I can give you a huge list of BIG ballads I really adore and feel not ashamed about, why should I? The reason why I mention this has to do with Kinlin’s working-out of ‘Forever And A Day’. Nice, gentle and tender offered, this is what a great and well structured ballad is all about, nothing is missing here. Next song ‘Unthinkable’ comes with some more power and speed and again, Kinlin surprises me completely. The strength of this band hides behind the fact that they can give each composition a different identity, still pure hard rock minded but hard as a solid rock, pure as can be ! Next the time has come again to bring on some more tenderness, something really easy on the ear, for a while at least. ‘Lost Memories’ is one of my favourites because all of brilliant switches they make on a regular basis. Ballad esque passages meets power (almost thrash) moments and each one of the musicians are in a starring role… what a great performance !

Shall I go on throwing nothing but words of praise in regards to Kinlin’s newest cut? Sure thing because all  of the remaining song to bring me in a real comfortable position. ‘Stand Or Fall’, ‘Suffer And Pray’ and definitely the last (longest) song called ‘Blood Of The Fathers’ (another fave of mine !) to sound outstanding. Musical wise, nothing is lacking and the song writing is top notch. Spoken words and a soft, portentous way of bluesy tingled guitar playing makes an end to this killer track, a composition regarding the nowadays exchange of views in America. A symbolic reflection of the so called Stars & Stripes are part of the dark looking, great looking cover artwork !  Don’t forget the bonus track ‘’Live Again’ people, when you do you’ll miss another ball cracking action of a band that deserve a lot of attention in the US and the rest of the world ! Kinlin have an international sound in store with thanks to all of the skilled to the teeth musicians on board.

Fans of American Motherload, Texas Hippie Coalition, late Pantera, HellYeah, Disturbed and the likes should surely give Kinlin’s “The Last Stand” a try. Hard and rough moments alternate with easy moments, great vocals and melodic guitar lines keeping you hanging on longing for some more awesome tunes. Absolutely masterly tactics come from both drums and bass lines as well. Kinlin’s third album must be the one that is able to bring on a well-deserved, international breakthrough and a worldwide distribution!  Additional info at:

My rating: 87/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)