KÖMMAND – SAVAGE OVERKILL (Metal On Metal Records)

Review by Stefan: Hailing from Seattle, Kömmand was formed back in late 2013 as a solo project by chief Kömmander Z. Since December 2016 active as a three-man formation who shits on trendy music, authority religion, Kömmand just does its own thing and what others say behind their backs doesn’t interest them at all. In their own words: “There are altogether too many ‘nice’ bands out there killing metal, but… old ways can’t be killed so easily. Stop triggering drums. This is metal, not typewriting class”.

Being unfamiliar with the band I had to do some research on the internet and allows me to say that they have already released some demos. In the spring of 2019 they came into contact with Jowita and Simone from Metal On Metal Records, who eventually offered them a deal regarding the release of a full length debut record who was given the appropriate title “Savage Overkill”, a killing piece where aggression and speed reign supreme.

Throughout the entire period of playing, a kind of tribute is paid to the underground metal culture. If you’re looking for something contemporary, you’ve come to the wrong place… at the address of Kömmand, there’s only place for ill-mannered, raw and purposeful underground black/thrash metal. The virulence and aggressiveness exudes by these guys is dead serious so you better take your precautions before you dare to listen to their music… I can tell that everything sounds incredibly loud and mean as hell !

The time clocks at 40 minutes and there are 9 songs in the queue of which the opener can be described as a kind of short instrumental with riffage in the vein of both early Celtic Frost (Procreation Of The Wicked), Dream Death (Journey Into Misery) and Kreator (Flag Of Hate). The vocals on all songs coming up are pure old school Black/Thrash Metal styled, somewhere in the vein of good old Quorthon (Bathory), Roger Pettersson (Merciless), S.A. Destroyer (Nocturnal Breed) and Klas Morberg (Desultory) in my sole discretion. The very convincing guitar riffs are central and don’t miss their effect, the solos on the other hand are apparently not really important for the band, they are rather of a very simple approach.

Every song has its own character but overall we can talk about an idiosyncratic album that does credit to the old fashioned type blackthrashing force of steel, offered in a very idiosyncratic and effective way. Also the sound makes me muse to the good old days of metal where the bands played with much more dedication, compared to now. But a genre like this has to get a sound that fits completely, and by that I mean unpolished and far away from a brushed production. ”Savage Overkill” by Kömmand fully complies with these conditions !

I deliberately choose this album as a pearl that turns out to be very suitable for fans of the rougher type of the black thrash metal genre. Kömmand avoids nothing or nobody, they beat everything to shreds and score extra points with me because of their old school character which they bring here with conviction. Everything sounds simple and old-fashioned but that makes it very interesting for me, all that has to do with hard rock and metal from bygone times gets an absolute approval from myself.

This is not my favorite style of music but I still appreciate it, had a great time listening to this effort anyway. Well, fans of old Bathory/Destruction/Kreator/Sodom, Bewitched, Nocturnal Breed, Aura Noir, Darkthrone and soul searching relatives should undoubtedly look up the first record of the American trio Kömmand. Let your heart speak and give credit to whoever deserves credit. Check ‘em out at: https://www.facebook.com/Kmmndmusic/ / Order at: https://metalonmetalrecords.com/shop/#!/K%C3%96MMAND-%E2%80%9CSavage-Overkill%E2%80%9D-CD/p/144729602/category=2707104

My rating: 83/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)