KROSSFIREcdcoverSODReview by Stefan: This five piece band comes from Bulgaria and originated somewhere in the beginning of 2001. As most of the bands do during the first period of existence – working towards the completion of the line-up, practicing fingers to the bone in order to make a good impression during the first live performances… if everything goes smoothly and the fans react enthusiastic, a first talk about a studio recording will take place.

Same story with Krossfire I presume, between 2007 and early 2008 they’ve created two singles called ‘Angels Cry” and ‘Touch Of Destiny’. Their live gigs at club Polinero place was recorded on DVD and got the appropriate title “7 Years On Stage”. As several months passed, Krossfire appeared in various cities to present their own dynamic live show, in between they participate in the CD compilation from the highly reputable magazine HEAVY! Than the time had come to work on a first full studio album”Learning To Fly”, recorded in Bulgaria – mastered in New York to be finally released on May, the fifteenth 2011.

They signed a deal with German based Pure Steel Records and Krossfire’s debut album got a world wide distribution and positive reviews came in from everywhere. Worthy fact to mention, they’ve shared the stage with Hard Rock icons Deep Purple in May 2013 ! We can say that the first twelve years of their existence has left a quite good impression and more good news is on its way, they just released a brand new effort called “Shades Of Darkness”, on it twelve songs and a runtime of 62 minutes !

This is my first touch with Krossfre’s style of Music and listening to a first pair of tracks I came to the conclusion to have a real deal with a symphonic Power Metal act not able to deliver that much in terms of originality. But that doesn’t really matter actually, it’s a type of Metal been played SO many times before by other bands. Speaking for my own, full respect and dignity to those delivering this specific style but I do not feel the mutual attractive force at all. At the other hand I have to admit that the band’s frontman has a real good, clear and varying voice, optimal fitting with the musical direction the band are up too. It must also be mentioned that the guitar riffs and solo proceedings have value… heavy/melodic/quite technical. Most personal contradictory fact are the additional female, operatic type of vocal lines which are -fortunately for me- present on a few tracks only. I know, it’s a personal liability but I just can’t take it… bridge too far for me really! Same feeling with an excessive use of keyboard, synthesizer and even piano/cello as both songs ‘King Will Come’ and the ballad ‘Farewell’ proves.

For those who love this genre in the vein of Sonata Arctica, Dark Moor, Kamelot, Serenity, Epica, Nightwish and the likes… these Bulgarian’s second, real good produced output “Shades Of Darkness” can be considered as a must-have product ! According to myself, well I don’t have a connection with this type of music but forget about that, all has to do with my preference for other stuff like US Power/Thrash or good old Hard Rock and Classic Metal which are still invaluable to me ! Check Krossfire out at: or make an order via Pure Steel Records at:

My Rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended to those hooked on it)