KB36 – FAKE (Independent)

Review by Officer Nice: I have visited some cities in the East of Europe lately and I must say, I really love them. In that part of Europe the people are still traditional, protecting their values and they’re keeping their countries safe. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the wall, between the East and the West will come back…to protect their part. Also the Metal scène is present over there in the streets, you see it everywhere. A country that is still on my list is Russia…

In my hands I have a CD from a band I have never heard about, neither do you I suppose. KB 36? I don’t even know what it is standing for but I like the cover and it made me picking this one out of the post package at first. In the biography I read this is actually classic Rock band but after the first two songs I’m really thrilled. This band has a nice Progressive touch and singer Tengiz does remind me to Fish, actually the music on the first two songs reminds me to Marillion. That’s a band I have always liked and that specific mood in their music always worked on my emotions. I adore music that touches my soul, that makes you fantasize or even a bit melancholic. Even a little bit of Dire Straits crosses my mind. Until now this band just sounds fantastic!

Unfortunately the band switches their music into the more traditional Rock. Well, “unfortunately” is a bit too strict but I suppose you know what I mean… The rest of this record KB36 plays more in vein of bands like D.A.D., Guns’ n Roses, AC/DC or even the Rolling Stones while I was more impressed by the first two tracks. Anyway, this is traditional (Hard) Rock, even some Rock’n Roll, with great guitar arrangements. I hear good played drums, low and strong bass lines and super leads. Believe me if I say those guitar parts are worth checking this Russian band out. The leads are fast fingered and in either way, heavy tuned or not . KB 36 sounds professional and mature! Add a singer with a typical yet amazing Rock voice, a talented man. It’s obvious these Russians know how to play and it’s even more clear that the bigger Rock bands were influencing to them. The song writing deserves a lot of attention, all tracks are catchy and easy on the ear, should please the listener at once. Good stuff, more info at: www.kb36rockband.com

My points: 83/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)