KILLER BEE – EYE IN THE SKY (Target/Mighty Music Records)


killerbeecdcovereyeintheskyReview by Sloof: Album number 6 from this Swedish, American, Canadian Heavy Rock sextet that has been delivering the sting since the early nineties and 2016 marks the date that the hive has let the swarm loose and they will hit you right between the eyes and ears! Killer Bee is a very interesting band as they consist of members that know how to write and compose substantial material and signature vocals add a huge dose of power and mysticism to the songs. Let’s say that their musical inheritance can be described as 80ies giants with the classic Hammond sound of the 70ies. The lineup is very interesting as well, as a person named Tonka seems to be Paul Chapman, formerly known from U.F.O. and Skid Row fame. I was already impressed when the predecessor album ‘Evolutionary Children’ reached my desk, but this new one makes the difference. The band made a huge step forward and I guess that’s the result of taking enough time to get the songs in the perfect shape.

The title track opens the album and that’s a bull’s eye from the start. What a nice track and how wonderful are the vocals of Brian ‘Bee’ Frank, who is also responsible for the production, engineering and mixing of the album. Besides these technical things, he’s the main man in writing songs together with bass player Anders L.A. Rönnblom. What these guys have put together will give you hours of pure amusement, as the songs are getting better and better when you select the ‘continuous play’ option. Wonderful chorus lines, a little hoarse layer in the voice and solos that will give you goosebumps, that’s what Killer Bee stands for. ‘Shout It Out’ will be welcomed by the Mötley Crue fans while ‘One Step Closer’ is more into the ballad direction with a lot of sing along attitude. When the song ‘Higher And Higher’ continues, you will agree that the band is influenced by Kiss and Alice Cooper as well. Some tracks have the same elements and vibe like WASP and Q5 and when they bring a semi-ballad (‘The Fight’), you will get an extra sensitive solo as well. Some songs refer to Cinderella and Skid Row fame, but that’s obvious as Paul Chapman was involved as well.

I can only conclude that Killer Bee released an excellent sixth album and I do hope that they will make the trip to Europe for a live tour! This is honest, this is pure, and this can be considered as a peak in traditional Heavy Rock. /

My rating: 86/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended fr those hooked on it)