Review by Officer Nice: I was at the gym this morning, talking to my big boss. I have the advantage that we can sport at work, it keeps us fit, in body and in mind. To joy me he putted a CD on with some…Nu Metal. Well, I can’t hold my mouth shut and I told him and don’t like that kind of shit at all. He knows I’m a big Metal fan but I like the real stuff, something he didn’t understand. But, he’s a good man and I appreciated his will to joy me but to be honest I prefer some House music or Pop music instead. I have nothing with this kind of music… I’m a True Metal fanatic, forever and a day!

Next thing to do was working. I have another big advantage; the fact that I can listen to the music I want in my own desk. I take this chance to listen to albums I need to write a review about and so Killing Grace filled my CD-player today, making several spins. I have never heard of the band before but at least these guys look Metal. At first sight I was expecting a true Metal band, some old school stuff, something that makes my day even more energetic after an hour of intense sporting. Well… Killing Grace isn’t exactly what I expected and seems to be a more modern band, with a more groovy style. As a matter of fact this band combines several styles, from traditional Hard Rock over Heavy Metal to Grunge and even a bit Nu Metal. That they have a modern approach can’t be denied. I can’t say I am wild about them but, to be honest, I hear some great Rock musicians at work. I can’t say the song writing and the musical performances are bad…it’s just not always my cup of tea although. “Pretty Ugly” for example is a real cool song. I hear great guitarists, playing some cool intense leads. “Crown of thorns” is just a fantastic song and shows this band is able in doing so much more! It makes them a rather strange formation….

Mix Guns’n Roses with Nirvana, add some Pantera and you’ll have already a big idea what Killing Grace is all about. This is a band that is rather difficult to label and maybe that’s a big compliment. I am giving Killing Grace the benefits of the doubt to conclude that this band should really be heard. The vocals are certainly great, the drums are great, the guitars too and the song writing is ok. So… Check ‘em out at:

My rating: 79/100 (Decent but best previewing)