Review by Jan Vervaeke: Epic melodic doom metal, as ancient gods Candlemass & Solitude Aeturnus did it before. That was, what first came in my mind, hearing this album. But for sure also Solstice (during their Lamentations album) and Mirror Of Deception, Dawn Of Winter… BattleroaR & Tragedy Divine (for the epic feel I get, and some heavy metal too). I I mention only one, I would say Dawn Of Winter.

This is the second full length album by King Heavy (Belgium, Chile), who were created in 2012, with (ex) – members from Procession, Witchsmeller Pursuivant, Mourners Lament etc. I think Luther’s (also vocals in Hooded Priest & Witchsmeller Pursuivant ); best album in which he is involved!

And I like it way more, personally, than Luther’s work in Hooded Priest. King Heavy released, besides a first album in 2015(also on Cruz del Sur), also an EP, a split (2014, on Emanes records) and a live album (with DVD !). Difficult to choose only one song I can recommend you, the whole album is like one epic tale, melodic doom/ heavy metal with 6 equally strong songs, varying in  length, from (mostly) 6 to 10 minutes.

I must say I adore the double kick in the drums, reminds me so much of Candlemass, and so does the riffing; but that’s why I like this album, and also because the atmosphere created is similar to the Swedish gods, but also to masterpieces of Reverend Bizarre, Dawn Of Winter …

I have a physical copy of the CD, I adore the booklet, artwork, pictures, but the artwork on the front is the only deception for me, concerning this album.

Conclusion: a strong album, strongly recommended for fans of all mentioned bands. Don’t expect the talent of Candlemass nor Solitude Aeturnus, but it equals for sure Dawn Of Winter and most of the other before mentioned bands!

Check : “Come My Disciples” (the longest song) “Cult of the Cloven Hoof” the “shortest” song. Additional info at: /  /  /  Order HERE.

My rating: 83/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)