KINGCROW – THE PERSISTENCE (Sensory Records/Laser’s Edge)

Review by Stefan: The third album of the Italian quintet will be released on the market very soon, the 7th. of September to be more specifically. I never heard of them before so I had to do some research on their background activities. Remarkable fact I found about the band’s roots, Rome based Kingcrow started under the name Earth Shaker as a classic hard rock/metal band back in 1996. At one of the biggest Italian Metal festivals named Gods Of Metal they shared the stage with giants like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, Kingcrow stood also on the bill of the majestic ProgPower USA bill and many more.

Well, with Kingcrow they’ve released three album, the new one “The Persistence” included. It was noticeable that, with the release of each album, a deletion of the pure metal genre was audible. To what I hear now on their newest effort, their contemporary approach to music style has almost nothing to do with hard rock or metal anymore, listening to all of the songs I’d rather like to describe as a blend of progressive/heavy/alternative rock and psychedelic/ambient music. You must be open minded to worship this genre and I’m asking myself if I’m the right person to discuss this way type of music. To be honest, I usually never listen to such style of albums twice in a row. But when I listen to an album like for example “The Persistence” for the first time, I have to admit that the total approach and construction of the songs can fascinate me because of the constant alternation this genre brings about. Going from metal to progressive rock and more you have to dare in the first place. Secondly, you also need to have the musical skills to write these type of songs and make them workable afterwards.

As far as Kingcrow is concerned, this band has apparently made a lot of progress over the years… the ten songs on “The Persistence” CD are living proof to underline it. I really like their singer using his throat in a crystal clear way, above all he has a lot of variation in promotion. Musically, mainly the dark passages are able to satisfy me, the modern vibes and experimental moves aren’t that much able to interest me. But again, you have to hear the entire package instead of paying attention on particular moves or passages only… as a long time hard rock and metal maniac, I have not an issue to mention that the overall sound has something unique, something quite beautiful in store so no reason to complain is in the end.

Each one of the members are top-notch, let that be clear ! If they weren’t, the end result of “The Persistence” wouldn’t sound like this. At certain moments they go hard while some other times, the clouds turns dark and gloomy but that’s what progressive music is all about. Mostly, it’s an ‘expect the unexpected’ kinda situation I’d like to say, those who considering a purchase might be open minded and not afraid to swallow something pure technical/easy on the ear and quite unusual. My preference goes out to hard rock and heavy metal but I’m not kicking down the so called experimental genres at all, each band deserve a fair chance to bring its own music to the table as they want too, whatever the style they’re up too.

Respect and appreciation to Kingcrow’s long term career in the first place, unfortunately their new effort “The Persistence” is not my favorite cup of tea. They will be on Tour with Pain Of Salvation during September 2018, check the dates at:  “The Persistence” will be released on CD, double LP and digital formats worldwide on the 7th. of September through Sensory Records. Spock’s Beard, Blind Ego, Headspace, OSI, In The Silence followers better give Kingcrow a chance !

My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)