KINGS NEVER DIE – IT’S WHAT WE LIVE FOR (Upstate / Bloodblast / Gordeon Music Promotion)

Review by Stefan

Some reviews are created with great enthusiasm while others are started with some reluctance. This all has to do with the type of music, the closer a genre is to your heart, the more inspiration you have to bring a review to a successful conclusion. At least, that’s how I think about this and want to mention right away that a band like Kings Never Die doesn’t interest me at all, not because of their musical incompetence but because of the genre they bring.

They hail from New York and spread their style of music as a mixture of Hardcore and Punk music. I want to label myself as a layman as far as the genre is concerned, you will understand that this review is not obvious to me. I had to rely on the info sheet provided in order to give you some idea of what this band has in store for you musically.

According to what I’ve been told, Kings Never Die hails consists of four members who released a first EP titled “Raise A Glass” in 2020 through Upstate Records, on it were four songs. In full Corona crisis, they still managed to write new songs for the follow-up, the EP entitled “It’s What We Live For”, released on March 23. Engineered by Jerry Farley (Madball/Sick Of It All) and Laz Piña (Ill Niño ), “It’s What We Live For” consists of 3 new songs and two remixed/remastered tracks from their “Raise A Glass” EP. More bonus comes along with this new effort, fans of NY styled Hardcore/Punk better be on their guard.

I want to conclude by mentioning that a number of familiar names from the HC scene are making their appearance, by names these are: William ‘Ratbones’ Furlong, Vinnie Stigma and Mike Gallo (Agnostic Front). KND’s newest piece will certainly add value to the pure NYHC fan, I on the other hand cannot relate to this kind of music at all. Reason for this I explained at the beginning of the review. In order not to misrepresent, I omit giving a score. Kings Never Die online: