Review by Holger B.: This album was originally self-released through Perisphere Records by the band in 1994, and it was almost impossible for collectors to get it. So rare was this CD until today. Divebomb Records are republishing the Texans’ album for all those interested. Although with other (I think better) cover, but as remastered Deluxe Edition with 5 bonus tracks. They were culled from demos for the incomplete second album.

Jamie King (The Basement Recording) is once again responsible for the great remastering. He has already delivered some really good remasters for Divebomb. Musically, we have to do here with a successful mix of AOR, Hard Rock and primarily Melodic Rock. Since the guitars are quite crisp, metalheads without blinkers are likely to enjoy the album.

Some of you may well know the album of LIX (Lixicle Records 1988). These are almost the precursors of Knights Reign and Tony Marsh (guitar) and Mike Reiner (drums) can be found here two old acquaintances of LIX again.

The disc will come complete with lyrics, photographs, and a retrospective interview on the history of the band. The slogan of the label “For the Fans, by the Fans” is once again 100% fair! Additional info at: / /

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)