KRULL – THE BLACK COAST (Iron Shield Records/Soulfood)

Review by Officer Nice: I was listening to this one, being convinced it was another band. What’s wrong with me? I really mess things up lately. Am I becoming old and senile? God damned… Well, I restarted to tell you more about a band that listens to the name of Krull.

I have never ever heard about these guys before, although they were formed in 1998. Ever since they delivered but one EP. They are heading from out of Brazil, a big country that still delivers lots of Metal bands. Therefore it is a bit bizarre that not that much bands really break through but I suppose the support has a lot to do with it.

Anyway, I can’t imagine Krull will ever break through. These guys are delivering traditional Heavy Metal and to be honest I was convinced, at first, this was a German Teutonic band. It isn’t, but I hear major influences from the old school German Heavy Metal. In the biography they are talking about Exciter, Chastain and Mercyful Fate… well, I hear Grave Digger, Rawhead Rexx and Running Wild, even Accept in a speed Metal version.

Luis Domingos Krull has a voice, in vein of Udo Dircksneider’s timbre. This man contains the same kind of hoarse vocal sound and maybe that’s the main reason this band reminds me to those old German bands. Anyway, they hold the cliché’s as well and I am quite sure this is a nice band to witness on stage. Fans of old school Metal can do something with this but a quick listen is advised. Check 

My rating: 75/100 (Decent but best previewing)